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TB010 - More Eaze / Ben Varian *Split*
TB011 - Pamela_ and her sons *Golden Paradise*
TB*** - Itch Princess *Everyone's a Doctor*
TB*** - Bulldada *Bulldada's Tavern*
TB*** - Celines *********
TB*** - Big Ded --- 7"
TB*** - Miracle Roy *Calming Signals*

  • “A persistent low simmer is what keeps the flavor strong. Find strength in resisting the boil.” - Katelyn Farstad

  • "Tell you what i learned about talking to an empty room - the room is never as empty as you wanna assume." - Ben Varian

  • how far do you lean your motorcycle?
  • elaborate bread
  • - Tyborg (Tyler Green)
  • insect cleaner - why kill'em when you can clean'em? (thanks addison)
  • i was on the board (ceo or surf?)
  • lock-n'-load shish kabob gloves

TB011 Coming SOON

Pamela_ and her sons
Golden Paradise

TB011 Coming SOON

Pamela_ and her sons
Golden Paradise


More Eaze Ben Varian


Zach Phillips
Wall-to-Wall Parrots


Post-Classical World


Nate Henricks
How I Got Nanoscopic


Larry Wish
Porous Obtainer of Loads


Bob Seger
Best of


Jake Tobin
Third and Fourth Thoughts


Jake Tobin
Life as a Clerical Error


Ben Varian
Real Domestic Scene


Miracle Roy
Thursday Island


^^^ questions about ordering, or anything

"If these 'things' have any power, besides their crazy price, it is a power to confusedly communicate something about this other world where life and intelligence shape objects, whereas in capitalism it is usually the other way around."
- CLaire Fontaine

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