"touch of gray, bad toupée, get me out of here" -BV

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a la Kate Farstad "A persistent low simmer is what keeps the flavor strong. Find strength in resisting the boil"

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Larry Wish Porous Obtainer of Loads

Cassette ed. of 50

I don't think I believe in 'outsiders'.. since to say so implies an 'inside' (perhaps giving power to the whomever few publicly positioned cultural commentators / institutions who have fiat authority to claim they know where it is). the broadness and depth of ANYone's internal world far surpasses the wishy washy specifics of any collectively imagined one. This is ESPECIALLY the case when I think of the world of Larry Wish, an artist person some may put in the outsider canon? like im sayin IDK what the requirements are for that particular subcategory of person. 'doesn't care'? 'has own way of thinking'? anyways. if thats the case dont let me inside! cause out here in larry's outside, it's a fully realized dream zone, full of goop: disturbing/comedic sights abound, malappropriated grammar rules, sludgy emotional briar patches. He finds these specific uncomfortable phrasings and situations, zones so far into them that they become inconspicuous, a comfy smelly corduroy couch in a room full of other comfy smelly corduroy things. and by doing so, in the Truly Bald fashion, seems to hope to transcend layers of faux-posturing and aloofity via exposing some raw slapstick romantic goof inside. larry in general. and With his choices of songs to cover here on this collection (they're all covers), larry's picked out some folks that operate in a similar nowhere zone of.. outside while deeply inside.. (pardon my employment of some vauge international art english). find here also one meticulously multitracked analog instrument cover of a vaporwave song. -JT

All songs misinterpreted by Adam Werven in the summer of 2015. He says 'These are beautiful songs. Please seek the artists original versions.' Art by Jake Tobin

01 Into.mp3--->
02 Your Face [Maureen McElheron].mp3--->
03 Losing You [Jan Terri].mp3--->
04 Bleed [George Clanton].mp3--->
05 Little Wings [Mark Gormley].mp3--->
06 リサフランク420 _ 現代のコンピュー [Xavier_Ross.mp3--->

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