"touch of gray, bad toupée, get me out of here" -BV

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a la Kate Farstad "A persistent low simmer is what keeps the flavor strong. Find strength in resisting the boil"

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Zach Phillips Wall-to-Wall Parrots

Cassette Ed. of 100


01 Wall-to-Wall Parrots [I].mp3--->
02 The Kells In Bell Bells.mp3--->
03 Carrion information.mp3--->
04 The Leader Of My Company.mp3--->
05 Ferris Wheel.mp3--->
06 Motorcross.mp3--->
07 Answer Me Komodo.mp3--->
08 Paraclete.mp3--->
09 Molly's Balloon.mp3--->
10 What You Seem.mp3--->
11 Skin In The Game.mp3--->
12 Hell Isn't Evil.mp3--->
13 Wall-to-Wall Parrots [II].mp3--->

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