More Eaze Ben Varian Split

Cassette Ed. of 9000

in their own words ---

Ben Varian:
i wanted to make something that was more patient, that experimented with stillness and formlessness. I wanted the changes in the music to be slow, sometimes almost imperceptible. I wanted there to be patience in the creation of the music, with me bouncing the same sounds back and forth between tape and computer over and over again, and i wanted there to be patience in the listening, where the song very slowly takes on new shapes at a subconscious pace.

I feel like both ben and I's sides in some way are exploring applying 'process music' type of principles to electronic music and song work. 'bae of figz' for example is largely based on letting several different samplers/sequencing instruments play at slightly different quantizations of a single bpm. 'cold form' was an attempt to use simultaneously slowed down then sped up samples of a lil yachty song to create melodies and rhythms that were then added to with strings and synths. 'thought rot' was a further exploration of destroying/resampling a pop song while it's playing.


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04 Ben Varian - dolphin milk homeopathic drops.mp3--->
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