Miracle Roy Calming Signals

Cassette Ed. of 9000

these 'Signals' compositions are comin from that same deliberate patient zone as the first record, with an added penchant for sustained voyages into somethin a lil zonk'd'r. bossa even sometimes, upside down sounding, and the mRoy'd shed rock tendency still chunkin around. that ol gettin' another year older and writin a bit more up front voice swerve that happens to us here n there is here n there drifting about too, coolly, truly baldly, edifyingly this one was recorded probably mostly over a year ago, as timing goes. there's another album almost already done, I hear. Roy (J. Saul + a couple of the usual extended Tallahassee guests listed in the details) are out windsurfing their own breeze, the interest falling far from timeliness, so you won't notice the age anyways. not to make any excuse for my morbidly laggy operating standards


CASSETTES AVAILABLE - but you're gonna have to hunt down J SAUL... look up play of sunlight mushrooms that should get you there

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