"touch of gray, bad toupée, get me out of here" -BV

Lakewood Heights, Atlanta, GA -> NYC -> - trulybald@gmail.com

CURRENTLY: sudying to emerge diabolical

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Itch Princess Everyones a Doctor

Cassette Ed. of 100 - sold out here but still available on Kate's bandcamp

Itch Princess is Katelyn "Why-The-Fuck-Would-I-Do-This-For-Fun?" Farstad, aiming from the gut, singing from the ankles, "missing the point intentionally" in Drudge Ballad format - Dirges, Zone Development - populated by moans into the great uncertainty, psych-engineered meaning making strategy, stumbled purpose crafting with raw materials, morning behavior, putting pen to paper, winding down, finding the shady spot, or "if the sun’s in your eyes, just close them". Find within metal, e-tablas, midi double bass, meditation results, 90’s coffee shop nightmare sitcom, time stretched drum performance, inexplicable sporadic compositional implosion, sprinkled moments of genuinely arresting / brain stopping expression -

"A persistent low simmer is what keeps the flavor strong. Find strength in resisting the boil." bizarre and full o the love of time having passed trying


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