Cassette Ed. of 9000

no words. D. Maloch otherwise known as GAVIN McSMITH, guitar center pedal guru, veteran tallahasseean, member of various Ben V / JT / M. Roy / Dison Kay Port Authority groups, formerly touring keys in Surface to Air w/ JT + Dirtbike's very own M. Dubois. anyways that's filler info. this album rips


CASSETTES AVAILABLE - but you're gonna have to hunt down Gavin yourself deep in the swamps of the capitol city

01 So Sorry.mp3--->
02 She'll Stick Around.mp3--->
03 In Space.mp3--->
04 Distance.mp3--->
05 Wintertime.mp3--->
06 unnamed (fin).mp3--->
07 Gift.mp3--->
08 Cruisin'.mp3--->
09 Gunshot.mp3--->
10 Industry Erection.mp3--->
11 We're Always Late.mp3--->
12 Run For It.mp3--->
13 unnamed.mp3--->
14 Don't You Be That Way.mp3--->
15 Remember.mp3--->
please be patient with the audio player, thanks