"touch of gray, bad toupée, get me out of here" -BV

Lakewood Heights, Atlanta, GA -> NYC -> - trulybald@gmail.com


a la Kate Farstad "A persistent low simmer is what keeps the flavor strong. Find strength in resisting the boil"

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Red Sea Sugar & Spice

Vinyl Ed. of 300, ~15 left

Cover art by Patrick Mayer, Robert Lambert. Monogram by Jake Tobin. Clothing by Kyle Sherrill and Roehm Hepler-Gonzalez. All material written and produced by Mick Mayer, Patrick Mayer, Stephen Luscre, Kyle Sherrill. Guest vocals on A6 by Elle Mayer Saxophone on A3 and A5 by Jake Tobin Recorded at Castle Hill Studios by Mark Crowley Mix by Patrick Canaday

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